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Calming effect, promotes strong healthy hair growth, fights dandruff while soothing scalp. Paraben free. sodium chloride free. (12 oz)

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  1. Itaty Arroliga

    If you want to fall asleep in the shower, I highly recommend. This is the most spa-like shampoo I’ve ever used. It feels like such a luxury shampooing my hair with this. I feel like my washes last longer, the scent stays on my hair for a long time too so I can go longer in between washes for my colored hair. I got this for my mom as well & she absolutely loves it. She said she’s seen a dramatic change in her scalp since she does suffer from dandruff. 10/10 recommend.

  2. Itaty Arroliga

    If you want to fall asleep in the shower, then I’d highly recommend. I feel like I’m at a spa whenever I use this shampoo. smells amazing, my washes last way longer. I usually wash my hair every other day since I have color treated hair but I feel like I can go 3-4 days in between now. I got this shampoo for my mom as well since she deals with having dandruff & she absolutely loves it. she said her scalp has never felt cleaner! 10/10 highly recommend, will definitely be ordering more!

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