Identity Salon was established in 2014. It was birthed out of the desire of the owner Rachel Chambers to further the connection between the stylist and client relationship. Where we educate and teach the tools and products to recreate the salon experience at home themselves.

 Rachel Chambers started Beauty by Rae for clients to create the perfect blowout. Simple effective products that make your hair not only feel healthy, moisturized without weight but making it easier to create that perfect salon blowout at home.

Rachel Chambers is known for creating beautiful colors and cuts that require minimal effort. Comfortable styles that look organic, polished, and professional no matter what your style is.

All our products are powered by natural ingredients and a little bit of chemistry. They are vegan, sulfate-free (color safe), paraben-free, and never tested on animals.

Our products are designed for clients of all textures, natural or chemically processed, to achieve healthy, beautiful hair every day.

Client Testimonials

“After using Fresh Shampoo one time, my scalp felt so clean and my build up and itchiness were gone”

Angee Koleopwitz

“The Allure Mask is magic! My hair felt soft and hydrated and styling was a breeze.”

Addie Berg

“I started using the Beauty by Rae and my clients started commenting on how soft and shiny my hair looked. I noticed a big difference myself but to have other’s comments confirmed what I was feeling as well. I am a bleach and tone and ware extensions. I like to wait several days between washing. With the beauty by Rae products. That was easy to get more days between washing with the Luster styling mist. It hydrates my ends and makes that hair feel fresh and soft.

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